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Dimitrios Bogris

​​​​Preserving Excellence In A Fading Art


​​​​Preserving Excellence In A Fading Art

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“Hi Dimitri,

I want to send along a big thank you for performing for us last week. You were professional, extremely talented and flexible onsite. The client loved you and your duo added an authentic Greek flair to the launch event. You were also great to work with prior to the event with quick follow ups assuring me that you had all the details under control and would be perky and bright and onsite at 8am in the morning, a challenging time for any musician! I truly appreciate your professionalism and enjoyed meeting you; I will certainly call upon you again.

Thank you,


Natalie C.
Account Manager at LOFT Communications + Events –
Product Launch for The General Mills Corporation
Mississauga, Canada
August 2013

“After searching high and low for a bouzouki player for my client’s wedding, and not getting very great responses, we found Dimitrios and we are so happy that we did! He was incredibly professional, and really treated my clients amazingly. He arrived early for set-up, and was a joy to work with! And let me tell you, the performance was just amazing, I’ve never seen so many guests dancing before dinner even began! Thank you Dimitros for being so great!“

Melissa Gurley
Lead Co-ordinator at Gurley Events –
Wedding Cocktail Hour
Markham, Ontario

October 2014

"My wife and I booked Dimitri to play at our wedding which happened a few nights, ago and we and our guests were absolutely awed by his performance. He played a wicked mix of contemporary and older Greek music which appealed to our guests immensely. He is very pleasant to deal with and acts professionally at all times. We never felt pressured at all and Dimitri accommodated all of our requests. I would highly recommend Dimitri to perform at your wedding or event."

Menelaos R.

Toronto, Ontario

September 2015

“If you are thinking about taking bouzouki lessons from Dimitrios, my advice is to stop thinking about it and just do it! You won’t be disappointed! I am a music teacher and have taught private guitar lessons for three years. I am currently a full-time high school music teacher in Alberta, and you might think that I wouldn’t benefit much from music lessons at this point (the truth is I mistakenly felt this way before as well), but I have. Although my father purchased a bouzouki for me in 2006 I have never taken learning the bouzouki seriously. Partly because I could not find a teacher in Alberta and mainly because I figured I didn’t need a teacher. I basically applied my knowledge of guitar to the instrument and learned from YouTube videos. I now regret that decision deeply. After playing the few Greek songs that I knew for a cultural event, I was so disappointed with my performance that I resolved I would take bouzouki lessons even if it was over Skype. I took a chance and began lessons with Dimitrios. In my first lesson with him, I learned more in that first hour than I did in the last six years of learning haphazardly on my own. The small adjustments he made to the way I was supposed to hold the bouzouki, picking from the wrist, and even how to let the weight of the bouzouki rest on my left hand increased my speed tremendously. Future lessons covered essential aspects of music theory, proper technique, ideal sound production, installing pickups and bouzouki setup. Even though I teach music every day I am consistently learning a tremendous amount each lesson. I never thought that Skype lessons would be so productive not to mention good quality audio and visual performance! I highly recommend Dimitrios for anyone from beginning bouzouki players to those trying to perfect their playing and master the instrument.“

Alex G. 
Alberta, Canada
February 2015

“Dimitrios, I want to thank you and Perry for the FANTASTIC performance you gave at my son’s baptism yesterday. You two created the mood and atmosphere I wanted for the event. Everything was perfect: the songs, the sound, YOUR TALENT! My little Pandelaki was captivated watching you guys perform and many of my guests were really impressed with you two. Thanks again and I hope to work with you guys again!!”

Irene N.
Paralia Restaurant
Toronto, Ontario
September 2014

“We hired Dimitrios to perform at a Greek cultural night we hosted for prospective graduate students at our recruitment weekend for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Arranging the booking with Dimitrios was surprisingly easy and fast. He replied promptly to all inquiries and made the process painless. This is in stark contrast to some of the other Greek bands we contacted. Dimitrios played a one hour acoustic set on his beautifully detailed bouzouki, and brought all the equipment required himself. It is rare to hear a bouzouki played in Toronto unless you know exactly where to look. It is even rarer to hear one played as well as Dimitrios. We encourage anyone interested in authentic Greek bouzouki music not to hesitate in contacting Dimitrios!“

UofT ChemClub
Greek Cultural Night
Toronto, Ontario
February 2014

“Dear Dimitrios,

Even a week after our special Greek Night at Union Villa, we can still hear the sounds of your Bouzouki.

You are an incredible musician and our residents and their families were mesmerized by your performance. It was very important to have an authentic feel to our event and your music was instrumental  in transforming our long term care lounge into a Greek destination.

On behalf of our staff, volunteers and residents, please accept our sincerest thanks for sharing your Greek heritage and talent with us. I look forward to bringing you back when we host an even greater event in the summer.

Thank you again.”

Maria D.
Director of Communications and Development at The Unionville Home Society
Greek Themed Valentines Dinner
Markham, Ontario
February 2014

“My name is Zoran Jungic, and I live in Vancouver, B.C. My whole life I had a great passion for Greek music, especially the old style played in Athenian tavernas in 1920’s and 1930’s, after the great Greek exodus from Smyrna.

As I was getting older I decided to start learning how to play bouzouki, my favorite instrument. I tried to find a teacher in Vancouver, but to no avail. Finally, I decided to turn to the internet in order to find a suitable teacher somewhere else in Canada. I was lucky enough to come across Dimitri’s School Of Bouzouki, and right away, shortly after contacting him in Toronto, we arranged to start lessons over Skype. This was five months ago. Dimitri demonstrated his vast knowledge of bouzouki (he is a bouzouki virtuoso himself) and also of the music theory, right from the start. His great enthusiasm for Greek music and the music in general kept me going, even when, out of frustration, I was ready to quit. I greatly admire Dimitri’s teaching skills, and recommend his School to anyone who loves and enjoys bouzouki and Greek music.“

Zoran J.
Vancouver, Canada
November 2013

“Dimitrios is an excellent teacher. I’m a complete beginner to bouzouki, and have been finding his lessons enjoyable and well-planned. His combination of musical theory and technique provides a clear outline for learning, and he’s been great at adapting them to my skill-level and chosen instrument. The ability to do lessons through Skype is also a great way of ensuring that students who are travelling or live further can still access lessons, and I love that Dimitrios is open to answering quick questions online if necessary. As a teacher myself, I also really appreciate his teaching style: he’s always encouraging and supportive while also challenging me to go beyond what I thought was possible. I happily recommend Dimitrios for anyone interested in learning bouzouki.“

Sky C.
Toronto, Canada
August 2013

“I’ve known Dimitri for over a decade. I met him when I started working at Elite Music Academy back in 2001. He would visit our store often and entertain us with his Bouzouki playing as customers came and went. As a music teacher myself, I have paid close attention to his performance skills over the years. I’ve watched him progress into an extremely talented, soulful musician, with a “need for speed”. His speed is pretty impressive, I have to admit – clean and precise. He’s also got a large repretoir of Greek music in his head that he can play from memory at any time. I highly recommend Dimitri as a Bouzouki teacher for any student who’s serious about learning the instrument properly.

I know Dimitri to be a man of his words. He is professional, reliable, and most importantly honest. The Danforth community is lucky to have him. He has a genuine passion to share the Greek Bouzouki and Greek culture with everyone – Greeks and non-Greeks alike.“

Donovan J.
Toronto, Canada
May, 2013

“I came across Dimitri’s website over the internet as I once again decided it was time I learn to play the bouzouki……properly……....after owning one for almost 20 years!

I had taken lessons from a local teacher in the late 90’s for about 6 months but many years later realized that I didn’t learn anything!  The teacher was focused on teaching me to play songs to keep me engaged and coming back, which may seem “normal” to the inexperienced student, but as you search, and explore, and learn, you eventually realize that if the simple basics are not in place, you will never develop… not necessarily as a professional musician per say, but even as a simple well rounded player! To be able to solo freely as you will, is what I always wanted and never achieved……even the few scales I was taught were not taught with proper fingering and the simple truth of how to hold your pick was not taught to me properly. Thus holding back my advancement!

Almost 20 years later and after only recently searching the net and learning from YouTube did I correct and start to build a proper foundation!  I can honestly say that what I’ve learned over the past 6 months has made a huge impact in my ever so basic abilities and has driven me to find a proper and honest teacher to take me to the next level. This is where Dimitri comes in.

From the first conversation with Dimitri I knew he was the teacher I was hoping to find! He’s patient. He listened to me talk on and on about my experiences and what I understood of the bouzouki and attentively evaluated my ability. He has a wonderful, step by step, systematic teaching guideline in place, and I can already see the benefits!  I am so looking forward to continually learning from Dimitri in the right way…..a teacher who is genuine, sincere and knowledgeable! I whole heartily recommend Dimitri to anybody looking to learn this wonderful instrument. He is everything a teacher should be and one hell of a bouzouki player!!!“

Peter “The Painter” G.
The Clean Cut Painting Company –
Markham, Canada
April, 2013

“Since starting to teach my children bouzouki only a few weeks ago, Dimitri has exceeded my expectations. He is highly professional and motivated to help my children understand, learn, and enjoy the instrument.

I am impressed at how quickly and how much my two children (Elia age 6, and Chrysanthe age 16) have learned within such a short amount of time. Dimitri is very friendly and great with children which makes my children feel very comfortable with him.  He is able to customize the lesson to suit their individual levels and abilities.

Dimitri is always punctual with his lessons and is very organized. It is obvious that he puts 100% into his students and is sincerely interested in sharing his love of music, and the instrument, with them.

I am very grateful to have met Dimitri as I truly believe he is one of a kind. I would highly recommend him. Dimitri’s customer service, teaching methods, pleasant and genuine personality make him my #1 choice!“

Penny K.
Total Body Fitness and Wellness –
Brampton, Canada
Jan, 2013

“For two years now, my child has been taking music lessons with Dimitri. We initially first enrolled our son with Dimitri because we had witnessed one of his live performances, and right away we were astounded by his command of the bouzouki.   We were very impressed with his overall enthusiasm and passion for music.

However, after getting to know Dimitri more intimately the last few years, we are actually now more astounded with his teaching practices.  Often, music teachers simply show a student the basic techniques, standard exercises and regular theory.  We feel that Dimitri goes beyond this basic realm and exceeds our expectations.

Dimitri shows unbelievable patience and care when teaching our son the bouzouki.  He delivers a message of passion and conviction for the bouzouki and all musical genres.  He motivates our child to practice, which as most parents can attest to, is difficult at the best of times.

We are proud of our association with Dimitri, and encourage you to be confident when choosing him as your child’s bouzouki teacher.“

Anna L.
Scarborough, Canada
March, 2011

“In my time taking lessons with Dimitri, I Iearned the fundamentals of technique. It wasn’t about copying the way my teacher played, but rather how I felt comfortable within the scope of proper playing. His lessons enabled me to progress and learn many aspects of the instrument. I would recommend any aspiring player to begin lessons with Dimitri.“

Paul R.
Toronto, Canada
April, 2011 – December, 2012

“I was the kind of guy that would listen to music and would be consistently astounded by anybody that could play their instrument so quickly and accurately, more so when I heard Greek music and the Greek Bouzouki’s sweet sound.  I spent time searching YouTube videos for bouzouki players which eventually lead me to Dimitri’s videos, and after finding out he lived so close to me I propositioned him to teach me what he knew.  I was his first student.

Dimitri changed everything for me.  He opened my eyes to the world of music and with his passion and patience, helped me decipher the intricacies of the Bouzouki. He made it so fun that it almost seemed effortless.  From tuning the Bouzouki, to playing melodies, Dimitri always took the time to answer my seemingly silly questions. Our 1 hour lessons would drift into 2 and 3 hour sessions before we even realized it.

I am eternally grateful to Dimitri for helping me learn how to play my favorite songs. He not only taught me the notes, but he showed me techniques that help me play without having to think about it.

I would recommend Dimitri to anybody who has any interest in the bouzouki.  Take one lesson and see if you’re not hooked.“

Jason I.
Kitchener, Canada
Aug, 2007 – Sep, 2009